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DATE: 12/6/07
SUBJECT: Breaking the Silence in Toronto!

Excerpts from the Breaking the Silence video will be featured at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. The video screens as part of a special program, In Memorium of the Montreal Masscre.

On December 6, 1989, Marc Lepine entered the Ecole Polytechnique, an engineering school in Montreal, and systematically separated the women from the men. He then opened fire on female students, yelling "You're all a bunch of feminists!". He ultimately shot twenty-seven women and killed fourteen.

The Montreal Massacre is a National Day of Remembrance. The curatorial objective of this commemorative program is to present a selection of films by independent women directors from around the world whose productions pertain to issues of violence against women. The Female Eye Film Festival stands firmly against the oppression of our sisters. Perhaps through our films we can enlighten, inspire, outage and encourage others to take action against violence.

December 6th, 2007 @ 4-6pm
Female Eye Film Festival
Nat Taylor Cinema
North 102 Ross Building
York University
Toronto, Canada

For more information:

DATE: 9/3/06
SUBJECT: Breaking the Silence in England!

The Breaking the Silence video will be featured at the Northamptonshire International Community Film Festival, alongside film/video projects from Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Bangladesh, Kenya, and many other countries.

Dr. Ian McCormick, the Festival Director, gave us a little bit of feedback on our video, stating: "Competition was very tough, but the standard of your film was judged to be excellent. We also considered that your message was delivered most effectively."

Breaking the Silence will screen on Saturday, September 16th @ 6:30pm, at:

The School of the Arts
University of Northampton
St George's Avenue
Northampton, NN2 6JD
Great Britain

DATE: 8/3/06
SUBJECT: UPDATE: XVI International AIDS Conference

The Breaking the Silence video will be featured at the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto as part of the AIDS 2006 Film Festival.

Please note the new screening times below (YOUTH FOCUS SHORTS PROGRAMME):

  • Global Village/Film & Video Lounge: Tuesday AUG 15 @ 12:45pm
  • Olympic Spirit Toronto: Wednesday AUG 16 @ 7:30pm

    DATE: 6/5/06
    SUBJECT: XVI International AIDS Conference

    The Breaking the Silence video will be featured at the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto as part of the AIDS 2006 Film Festival. This conference is the largest international gathering on HIV/AIDS in the world, attracting tens of thousands of attendees from all corners of the planet. Look for Breaking the Silence in the CIRCA Film & Video Lounge on Wednesday, August 16th at 7:30pm, in the "Shorts Programme: Youth Focus".

    DATE: 4/22/06
    SUBJECT: 4th Western Regional Global Health Conference

    The Breaking the Silence video was recently featured at the 4th Western Regional Global Health Conference. Here is the feedback we received from the conference planning committee:

    We appreciate your allowing your films to be shown at the 4th Western Regional Global Health Conference in February. The stories they told were very inspiring, both to those of us involved in the selection process and to the conference goers. We had many positive comments about the films and the nuanced perspectives they exhibited on topics of far-ranging impact. Some conference goers were even moved so much that they contact filmmakers for more information or to find out how they could be involved in making a difference. Again thanks for your hard work in expressing your inspiring stories. Your films were an integral part in helping to give the nearly 1000 conference attendees a meaningful experience.
    -- Sean Stanley, Chair of the Film Selection Committee, Global Health Alliance

    DATE: 3/17/06
    SUBJECT: One World TV

    Breaking the Silence is featured on the front page of the One World TV website today: http://tv.oneworld.net.

    DATE: 9/16/05
    SUBJECT: United Nations World Summit

    Excerpts from the Breaking the Silence video were featured at the United Nations World Summit on September 16, 2005. The presentation, organized by the Global Youth Action Network and Taking IT Global, was showcased in front a large number of government delegates, high level UN officials, and youth activists. Among the attendees were Peter Piot, Executive Director of UNAIDS; Dr. Jane Goodall, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute; government officials from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Mexico, Colombia, Kuwait and Saudi-Arabia; as well as several young leaders and founders of organizations working to promote youth participation. The reception aimed to showcase how young people worldwide are contributing to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. For more information, please visit: www.youthlink.org.

    DATE: 5/30/05
    SUBJECT: Screening in New York City!

    Out of 412 entries from across the USA and around the world, Breaking the Silence has been selected to screen in the Reel Teens Festival, June 3-5 in New York. For more information, please visit: www.reelteensusa.org.

    DATE: 5/22/05
    SUBJECT: Breaking the Silence in South Africa!

    Tumelo Mabitsela, the Principal/Headmaster of Makhoarana Primary School in Soweto, South Africa, visited Seattle recently and spent some time learning about the Breaking the Silence project. Upon returning to his school in Soweto, Tumelo was able to share the Breaking the Silence video with his students. The report back is that it was a big hit -- even inspiring interest in pursuing a similar project in their community.

    DATE: 5/22/05
    SUBJECT: Breaking the Silence in Uganda!

    Deb Wolf, a former Peace Corps Volunteer in St. Lucia, has been working at the Naguru Teenage Health and Information Centre in Kampala, Uganda. This centre is a free health clinic catering to all the reproductive and sexual health needs of teens in the area. Deb arranged to have Breaking the Silence added to their heavily-used video library so that it is now available as a resource for trainings and general screenings. Thanks Deb!

    DATE: 5/22/05
    SUBJECT: News from a BTS Graduate

    One of our first Breaking the Silence graduates, Shana Marius, has joined the staff at the St. Lucia AIDS Action Foundation. We're very excited to know that Shana is putting her leadership skills to work on behalf of such an important organization!

    Shana has also been spearheading monthly meetings with other graduates of the Breaking the Silence program. Says Shana: "We are now going out in our country and communities to talk to our peers and educate them as others have educated us. Because of Breaking the Silence, now I'm more vocal, I can express myself... "

    DATE: 4/4/05
    SUBJECT: Presentation at Shoreline Community College

    Join Fiona Otway (BTS Project Director) on April 4th at 1pm for a presentation about Breaking the Silence and screening of the video at Shoreline Community College in the Seattle area.

    DATE: 2/3/05
    SUBJECT: National broadcast in USA!

    On March 28th, 2005 at 6pm EST, tune your tv to Time Warner #34 / RCN 107 / FreeSpeech TV (Dish #9415) for a special broadcast of Breaking the Silence! You can also access this broadcast online at www.youthchannel.org.

    DATE: 2/1/05
    SUBJECT: Screening in Belfast, Ireland!

    Look for the Breaking the Silence video in the film lounge of the 16th ICRDRH Film Festival in Belfast, Ireland between March 20th - 24th, 2005! For more info, visit the film fest website.

    DATE: 1/31/05
    SUBJECT: Screening in Durham, North Carolina!

    Look for the Breaking the Silence video at the Ms. Films Festival in Durham, North Carolina between February 17th - 20th, 2005! For more info, visit www.msfilms.org.

    DATE: 12/01/04
    SUBJECT: World AIDS Day Screening at 911 Media Arts Center

    On December 1st, 2004, 911 Media Arts Center and the Women's Funding Alliance will join communities around the world in recognizing World AIDS Day with a special screening of Breaking the Silence, a video about HIV/AIDS created by girls in the Caribbean. Following the screening, there will be a facilitated discussion with guest speakers who will probe the connection between the spread of AIDS among young women and the role of media education in HIV prevention.

    Please click here for complete Press Release.

    DATE: 12/01/04
    SUBJECT: World AIDS Day Television Broadcasts

    In recognition of World AIDS Day, Breaking the Silence will be broadcast nationally on DBS and NTN in St. Lucia. Excerpts from the video will be aired during the weeks leading up to World AIDS Day and then on December 1st, look for the entire 28 minute video and accompanying documentary.

    Please click here for complete Press Release.

    DATE: 12/01/04
    SUBJECT: Media Literacy Workshop for Lifelong AIDS Alliance

    In collaboration with the Lifelong AIDS Alliance, Breaking the Silence will present a special media literacy and video letter workshop for approximately 150 young people in Seattle on World AIDS Day.

    DATE: 12/01/04
    SUBJECT: National Youth Summit

    Two graduates of Breaking the Silence will participate in the National Youth Summit on AIDS in St. Lucia.

    DATE: 11/19/04
    SUBJECT: Rotary Club of Gros Islet Approves Grant

    The Rotary Club of Gros Islet has approved a small grant to support Breaking the Silence in implementing our sustainability strategy. This grant is invaluable in helping us ensure the longevity of Breaking the Silence. Thank you Gros Islet Rotary!

    DATE: 11/15/04
    SUBJECT: Article in Seventeen Magazine

    With support from Breaking the Silence, Seventeen Magazine will publish the story of a young woman in St. Lucia who is living with HIV. In a country where nobody is talking publicly about being HIV positive, this is an incredible stride forward in the fight against AIDS! This young woman is very courageous and you should definitely check out her story. Look for the "Make A Difference" page in the January issue, which starts hitting newsstands everywhere in early December. Or click here to view the article.

    DATE: 06/01/04
    SUBJECT: Washington State Arts Commission / NEA Grant Approved

    Washington State Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts provided a professional development grant so that Breaking the Silence Project Director Fiona Otway could attend the XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. It's very encouraging to see a local arts funder outside of the Caribbean recognize that the global AIDS pandemic affects us all, near and far.

    DATE: 06/01/04
    SUBJECT: WACC Approves Grant

    The World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) has approved a grant to purchase two professional-grade digital video cameras for future iterations of Breaking the Silence. It's great to see a faith-based organizations take leadership in the fight against AIDS!

    DATE: 05/20/04
    SUBJECT: Bangkok, Here We Come!

    We have been invited to present our program as an international model for HIV/AIDS prevention at the International AIDS Conference 2004 in Bangkok, Thailand. What an honor! This conference is the biggest AIDS conference in the world and takes place July 11-16, 2004.

    Attending this conference is not only an incredible opportunity to raise awareness about Breaking the Silence, but also has the potential to open doors for media justice activists everywhere who are using the tools of participatory communication to create social change around international development issues.

    We'll let you know how it goes!

    Click here for the Bangkok Report.

    DATE: 12/01/03
    SUBJECT: Screenings at 911 Media and Seattle Art Museum

    This year in recognition of World AIDS Day, 911 Media Arts Center is proud to present the Seattle premiere of Breaking the Silence, an HIV-intervention video that is written, shot, directed, and edited by girls from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. The Breaking the Silence video was created under the guidance of youth media instructors from 911 Media Arts Center working in collaboration with the St. Lucia Planned Parenthood Association and the St. Lucia Red Cross Society.

    Breaking the Silence will screen at 911 Media Arts Center on December 1st and at Seattle Art Museum on December 4th. Please click here for complete Press Release.

    DATE: 10/15/03
    SUBJECT: Pilot Project Evaluation Results

    Breaking the Silence was launched this year as a pilot project, with the objective of creating a sustainable program that can provide ongoing training and empowerment for youth in the Caribbean. Our goals were big and our resources were small this summer, so evaluation was very important to us in understanding our obstacles and successes. The feedback from evaluations is being used actively in re-designing the Breaking the Silence project for next year.

    Click here for a sampling of what participants, instructors, and audience members had to say about their Breaking the Silence experience.

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