The following clips are excerpted from a 28-minute video that is a textured mix of documentary footage, poetry, personal testimonial, interviews, and short fictional scenarios (PSAs). These clips were primarily conceived, shot, directed, and edited by Breaking the Silence participants, St. Lucian youth ages 14-18. Adult mentors and media professional provided guidance and general encouragement.

You will need to have Quicktime Player installed on your computer to view the following clips. You can download this player for free at www.apple.com/quicktime/products/qt

Tale of Two Houses
A story about two travelers who discover that appearances can be misleading.

One Day the World Went Silent
Creative writing by youth is transformed into a video poem that describes what it means to 'break the silence' in a world with HIV/AIDS.

In Their Own Words
Breaking the Silence participants talk about their experience in the program.

Breaking the Silence
A group of girls hanging out together, talking about boys, parties, and options for dealing with the pressures of sex.

Guardian Angels
Two lovers are visited by winged angels that descend from the sky.

Shana Chooses
Shana and her boyfriend have an anniversary coming up. This means one thing for sure...

Ras Isley
A St. Lucian poet and rasta sets the beat for Breaking the Silence.

Why You Should Give Your Money to Breaking the Silence
Shameless self-promotion.

Tapes and DVDs are available! Proceeds support ongoing Breaking the Silence programming. For more information on how to obtain a copy of the complete 28-minute video and accompanying behind-the-scenes documentary, please email:
info [at] breakingthesilence [dot] info

The video, created by St. Lucian youth, is an invaluable resource for classrooms, community centers, health centers, and anyone working to create dialogue about HIV/AIDS prevention at the community level.

"The media is the most powerful tool we have in St. lucia. Our young people are hooked on television. And you won't find media messages about HIV/AIDS on television for young people. The few messages out there are more for adults, so you'll find that the young people won't pay heed to these messages. But if the persons who are giving out the messages are young persons, I can see it having an impact."

Marva Edward, Youth Officer
St. Lucia Red Cross Society

"One of the things we've found here is that television has a great impact. Every household in the Caribbean, no matter how impoverished, seems to have a television. And so the AIDS Action Foundation strongly supports the Breaking the Silence program.
If we can help our young people develop vocational skills
and realize the power that lies within, we do believe we are well
on our way to creating change."

Joan Didier, Executive Director
St. Lucia AIDS Action Foundation